These Lego Storage Ideas Will Inspire More Creative Play—and Save Parents’ Feet!

by Angela Johnson

These Lego Storage Ideas Will Inspire More Creative Play—and Save Parents’ Feet!

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Whether it’s a Lego table with storage or a tote for taking bricks on the road, there’s a solution for you and your master builder.


Most parents have a love-hate relationship with Lego. They love that the colorful interlocking bricks encourage their children to be creative, think like engineers, and provide a positive distraction from endless hours of screen time. But when they don’t have adequate Lego storage solutions,  they hate that those same tiny bricks manage to find their way into every nook and cranny of the house, getting stepped on, swallowed, and even shoved up toddler nostrils (and, yes, that happened in my house!).


Like any love-hate relationship, you may have seriously considered ending it for the sake of your mental health. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve threatened to throw away all of my kids’ Lego bricks after finding them scattered across the living room floor at the end of the day. That is until I remember that building Lego models is one of the only things my children can do together that doesn’t involve fighting. What I needed were some creative Lego storage ideas.


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Keeping your kids’ Lego bricks contained in one area can be challenging for even the most organized parents, especially if you’re short on space. But with a little help, you can design a creative compromise that lets your kids build, keeps their play space organized, and saves your feet from stepping on sharp rogue bricks. When you’re done, you’ll get your house back, and you’ll fall in love with Lego all over again.


Best Lego Storage Containers and Lego Tables With Storage:



We’ve shopped around and found some of the most creative Lego storage ideas that are perfect for small spaces, including tables with storage, peel-and-stick base plates, fold-up play mats, and more.


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Best Wall Mounting Lego Storage: Creative QT Peel-and-Stick Building Blocks Base Plates


If you’re looking for a way to save some space on the floor, try using peel and stick base plates to create simple storage space on the wall. These 10” x 10” plates are backed with construction-grade adhesive, which allows them to stick firmly to walls or tables without glue. They’re available in a variety of color choices that can add a cool pop to any room. And they can be cut to fit any shape you need. One happy mama wrote, “The product stays so well, and even after hours of play and gravity, it hasn’t loosened or weakened one bit. Extremely well-made, absolutely well worth the price plus!” Just make sure you know exactly how you want to place your plates ahead of time, because they are meant to attach permanently.

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Best for Quick Lego Cleanup: Starsiko Fold-Up Play Mat With Storage Bin


If all you want to do is get the Lego bricks off the floor as quickly as possible, this fold-up play mat and storage bin is for you. Tiny dinosaur lovers will love putting their bricks away in a storage basket designed to look like a dino head. The bin holds up to 10 gallons of bricks and comes with reinforced walls to help it maintain its shape. There is also a 59″ playmat that can be used to keep bricks contained during playtime. And if you’ve ever been burned by kids’ products you bought online, you’ll appreciate the one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. “This is a lifesaver!” a satisfied customer wrote. “Super sturdy and really good size. The design is so fun and it makes my son excited about cleaning up! So glad I purchased this!!!!!”

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Best for Minifigure Display: Room Copenhagen Lego Minifigure Display Case


Whether you’re looking for a creative way to display a collection of Lego minifigures or just want to keep them separate from the rest of your bricks, you’ll love this clear minifigure display case. The two-tiered case holds up to 16 little Lego people in their own compartments and is made with doors that are easy for tiny fingers to open. You can save space by stacking multiple cases on a shelf or use the pre-made holes to mount them to the wall. “We bought several of these so my son could display his Lego characters and keep them out of reach of his 3-year-old sister (she loves to take them apart),” wrote one customer. “These look really cool on the wall in his bedroom with all of his characters in them.”

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Best for Stackable Lego Storage: Room Copenhagen Lego 8-Brick Storage Drawer (Set of 2)


Cleaning up is much easier when kids know exactly where things belong. The Lego Brick Storage Drawer is designed to look like a large Lego brick and makes clean up easy and fun for Lego lovers. The decorating options are endless. Choose between an eight-knob version with two storage drawers or four-knobs with one drawer, and mix and match a host of colors. And just like Lego, these bins are stackable, so you can save space while keeping everything in place. One happy customer called it an “adorable way to store my son’s Legos. He loved the ability to stack them and the ease of opening and closing the drawer. Ordered another in another color.”

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Best for Lego Storage on the Go: Teebee Play and Store Toy Box


For little ones who like to take their Lego bricks on the go, the Teebee Play and Store Toy Box is the perfect travel accessory. It has a unique triangular shape that fits between kids’ legs, so it’s easier to play without making a mess. The top opens into two play trays to hold extra bricks while they build on the surface of the bonus brick plate. And at the end of the trip, the Legos snap safely inside. After little fingers have explored all of the compartments, the box can be hand washed to sanitize between trips. One grandma wrote, “I bought this item because when my grandson is in the car, he thinks of nothing but Legos. This is a perfect carry item for his blocks and gives him a surface on which to use his imagination and build.”

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Best Lego Table With Storage for Sibling Play: KidKraft Building Bricks Play and Store Table


Create a self-contained Lego building station that your kids will love with the KidKraft Play & Store Table. The tabletop opens to create two building spaces, each with a plastic storage bin underneath. There is an additional storage bin in the middle for kids to access while they build. The table is compatible with Lego and Duplo bricks, giving your kids plenty of fun options for play. “Must have for any kid who loves Legos! Love this table!” one positive review confirmed, The only downside? Parents trying to reduce their Lego load will be sorry to learn that the table comes with bonus blocks.

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Best Lego Table for Toddler Play: Wood Designs Contender Kids Square Interactive Table


This interactive table is a great way for the littlest Lego lovers to keep their bricks all in one place. The wooden table measures 16 inches high from the floor and is made with rounded corners to keep them safe. The tabletop has a base plate, which can be used for building and comes in four vibrant color choices. And when it’s time to clean up, they can place all of their bricks in the convenient storage area underneath. One of the many positive parent reviews read, “This is incredibly helpful due to limited storage. Our son is able to play, store his Legos, and [easily] clean up! Great quality!”

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Best Multipurpose Storage Table: Play Platoon Kids' Activity Table Set


People in small spaces often have to make their furniture multitask, and this five-in-one activity table set does just that, as it’s suitable for building, drawing, water play, and more. The only thing better than a Lego table is a Lego table with storage. This one has a room under the top to store bricks when playtime is over. “I absolutely love this table, especially considering its many different uses for a low-cost product,” one parent said. “First, I love that the top of the table can be flipped between the building blocks side and a typical flat surface.”

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Most Creative Lego Storage: Room Copenhagen Lego Storage Head (Large)


We dare you to try to find a storage container that’s more fun than this Lego storage head modeled after a Lego minifigure. Choose from three sizes and a couple of silly facial expressions that are sure to brighten up any kids’ bedroom or play space. The large head holds up to 500 bricks, while the mini version holds up to 100. Like everything Lego, the storage heads are stackable, making them a great space-saving option for keeping all of your bricks in one place. “It’s aesthetically pleasing, and it holds a LOT of Legos!” said one customer. “We easily have over [3,000] Lego pieces in there, and there’s still a bit of room! It’s at least three months old and not even a scratch after abundant use and play.”

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Best Storage Cart: Really Useful Boxes 8-Drawer Rolling Cart


Keeping Lego bricks sorted is easy with this colorful eight-drawer rolling storage cart. This narrow cart fits nicely in any corner, and the wheeled base makes it easy to transport throughout the house as needed. Each colorful transparent drawer can hold over 2 gallons of Lego bricks. Although many of the positive reviews for this cart came from crafters, one parent reviewer confirmed that the cart works just as well for Lego storage, writing, “Sturdy and absolutely perfect to hold my kids millions of Legos.”

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Best Lego Storage Tote: Lego Storage 4-Piece Tote and Play Mat


This Lego storage bag is great for quick cleanup or taking bricks on the go. The smaller red, yellow, and blue zippered cloth totes can help keep Lego sets separate (which may prevent sibling squabbles). All three fit nicely inside a larger tote that unzips into a playmat. “Great for organizing my son’s Legos and other building toys,” one reviewer wrote. “I like that they zipper shut to keep small pieces away from my younger children.”