Narwhal Fingerlings Are a Splash Hit — Here’s Where to Buy Them!

by Samantha McIntyre

Narwhal Fingerlings Are a Splash Hit — Here’s Where to Buy Them!

The holiday season’s hottest toy has added to its collection with Narwhal Nikki, Nelly, Nori and Rachel

Fingerlings have landed on the top spot of the hottest toy list since their 2017 launch, and WowWee is making waves again with a new set of pocket-size pals: Narwhals. The adorable sea creatures are already a splash hit and, just like the original interactive robotic toys — which include monkeys, dragons and unicorns, and a complete collection of cuddly Fingerlings Hugs — the new light-up Narwhal Fingerlings respond to motion and do even more delightful tricks. These unicorns of the sea come in four fabulous colors that fans will completely flip for: there's Nikki (turquoise), Nelly (purple), Nori (blue) and Rachel (pink). Move your finger and the pastel-colored porpoise will blink her eyes and flap her tail. She’ll let you know how she feels with her magical mood horn that lights up and changes colors when she's happy. Hold her close to your cheek, and she'll give you a kiss. The best part? The longer you hold it, the longer it lasts. Hands-down, these adorably affectionate Fingerlings are a blast! Better grab hold of your favorite fast before they magically disappear.


WowWee Fingerlings Light Up Nikki Narwhal


Fingerlings Light Up Nikki Narwhal not only rules the ocean, she’ll quickly have you hooked on her mystical charm. ($15;


WowWee Fingerlings Light Up Nori Narwhal


There are plenty of fish in the sea but few as special as Fingerlings Light Up Nori Narwhal. We suspect the Kardashians will get a kick out of her cool name. ($15;


WowWee Fingerlings Light Up Nelly Narwhal


Get ready for a whale of a good time with Fingerlings Light Up Nelly Narwhal! She’s already turning the tide with her sparkly personality. ($15;


WowWee Fingerlings Light Up Rachel Narwhal


While she’s not shy about showing her true colors, Fingerlings Light Up Rachel Narwhal has a bubbly spirit sure to leave fans feeling tickled pink. ($15;