8 Organic Toys Babies Will Love Playing With Almost as Much as Chewing On

by Bethany Braun-Silva

8 Organic Toys Babies Will Love Playing With Almost as Much as Chewing On
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When you give a baby a toy, it’s almost certain that the toy will end up in their mouth, which is why many parents seek out organic baby toys. Toys that are free from plastic, artificial dyes, and chemicals give parents peace of mind knowing that no matter where that toy ends up, their babies are safe. 


If you’re searching for natural toys for your baby, toys made from materials like wood, natural rubber, and cotton are all great options. You may want to avoid plastic toys and metal toys as they have been shown to contain harmful chemicals and are overall not as gentle for a baby’s use. 


Online retailer Verishop has a slew of amazing organic baby toys  that, in addition to being safe, also help babies develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The toys are also super fun and will keep your child engaged. Here are 8 of our favorite organic toys for babies from Verishop.


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Zestt Organics Knit Monkey


A plushie is one of the most important toys for babies since it can act as a security blanket when your baby needs a little comfort. This stuffed monkey is made with soft, organic cotton and has no sewn-on buttons that your child can dislodge.

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Tender Leaf Toys Noah's Shape Sorter Ark


Babies can learn all about animals and shapes with this sweet toy. The set includes pairs of elephants, crocodiles, lions, penguins, and more, and the roof and side panels can come off to make gathering the animals an easier task for your little one.

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Moulin Roty Pull Along Family of Geese


Pull-along toys are a favorite among little walkers. They will feel encouraged to get up and go with this sweet family of wooden geese rolling behind them.

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Meri Meri Organic Cotton Ziggy Robot Toy


Babies might be too young to play with a robot, but they aren’t too young for a robot plushie. They can practice pushing buttons on this toy, which is made from organic cotton.

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Kiko & GG Mamagoto Make Your Own Bagel


While this toy set is geared toward kids age 3 and older, we couldn’t resist putting it on the list. The bagel and accoutrements, including eggs and cheese, are made with Beechwood, and the set comes with a storage bag to keep all the pieces in one place.

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Clover & Birch Geode Balance Blocks, Three Piece Rattle Set


This unique rattle set is made from walnut, maple, and poplar. Each rattle makes a different sound and has a different shape and textures for your baby to explore. They are safe to hand-wash with warm soap and water, too.

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Fabelab Organic Cotton Soft Rattle


This soft, organic rattle is a great alternative to plastic ones. It’s made from organic cotton and comes in a sweet bunny or bear design that won’t emit a jarring sound, but instead help to teach babies about cause and effect.

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Meri Meri Organic Cotton Bella Unicorn Toy


This gorgeous unicorn toy is made from organic cotton and works perfectly in a unicorn-themed nursery. We especially love the pink and gold thread details.