A Screenless Smart Toy? Yes, It Exists And Kids (And Parents) Love It

by Bethany Braun-Silva

A Screenless Smart Toy? Yes, It Exists And Kids (And Parents) Love It

Kiri the screenless smart toy for languages, STEM and more is excited to announce they’ve hit their Kickstarter goal and have set their sights on their stretch goal before time runs out on December 11th.


The amazing Montessori-inspired toy has given the humble wooden block we all know and love, an upgrade using modern technology. When paired with special cue cards, it creates a multi-sensory learning experience that invites kids ages 1+ to explore, learn and have fun!


Kiri is designed with the belief that small investments in kids’ childhoods will have a big impact on their future. Kiri uses Montessori principles instead of screens to make learning fun, child-led and a lifelong passion.


Why parents love Kiri:


  • Completely screen-free!
  • Montessori-friendly
  • Uses sound, touch, and repetition for hands-on learning
  • Teaches skills like counting, animals, sounds, and more
  • Teaches second languages in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese
  • Made with natural and sustainable materials
  • Designed to grow alongside your child from ages 1-6 and beyond
  • Helps meet speech therapy goals
  • Optional monthly subscription for further tile packs


Once they hit their stretch goal of $50K ALL backers will receive an additional free month of subscription for 3 in total!


So, head over now to check out the Kiri Kickstarter and launch a learning frenzy in your own home.


Take a look at the video below to see how it works!