You Can Finally Shop the Insta-Famous Doll Serena Williams’ Daughter Is Always Carrying

by Bethany Braun-Silva

You Can Finally Shop the Insta-Famous Doll Serena Williams’ Daughter Is Always Carrying

Olympia Ohanian’s Qai Qai doll is as big of a star as she is!


Let’s hear it for Qai Qai! The doll that has been capturing our hearts for the last few years thanks to her inspirational messages and hilarious photo ops — courtesy of her owner, 3-year-old Olympia Ohanian, and mom Serena Williams — is finally available for purchase on Amazon, and just in time for the holidays.


In a recent Instagram post, Williams revealed that she has been asked by thousands of fans, friends, and family members where they can buy their own Qai Qai doll. So, it really comes as no surprise that the Williams-Ohanian family finally made the doll available for the masses. Qai Qai herself has 152,000 followers on her Instagram account (@realqaiqai), where her daily adventures are chronicled with her loving pal, Olympia. 


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The duo has taken over social media and quickly amassed tons of loving fans. What started as an inside joke for the famous family quickly became an internet sensation, and Williams wants the doll to change the face of the toy world, literally. 


“Qai Qai could be the beginning of a new kind of toy story, and one that we’re excited to help bring to life so our daughter and millions of other children can see and play with more toys that look like them,” Williams wrote in her Instagram post. 


Qai Qai just became available exclusively on Amazon for $29.99 on October 15, and shoppers are already raving about the adorable doll. 


“I bought it for my unborn daughter, who is due to arrive February 2021, as her official first doll,” wrote one shopper. “It’s important that my daughter has a doll that looks like her.” 


olympia ohanian and qai qai

To buy! Qai Qai Doll, $29.99;


Clearly, the hype over this doll is too real. Fans are glad they finally can get their very own Insta-famous pal. 


“I can’t wait to give it to my cousin at Christmas,” wrote another shopper. “I’ve been a Qai Qai Instagram fan for a while now, and I was super excited when I heard they were releasing her.”


This doll has certainly connected with people both young and old, and it’s expected to be a big seller come this holiday season. We are really loving her clothes, especially the baby GOAT onesie and frilly tutu. 


“There’s something really special about the relationship between a child and their favorite toy,” Williams said in a press release. “Qai Qai has been around for more than half of Olympia’s life and she still takes her everywhere we go.” 


Qai Qai is no ordinary doll,” as William puts it, and this is sure to be just the start of many  new adventures for Qai Qai. Shop yours on Amazon now while you still can