Sesame Street Is Releasing Two New Toys and We Got The Exclusive First Look

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Sesame Street Is Releasing Two New Toys and We Got The Exclusive First Look

Toy Fair 2020 is about to kick off and that means a ton of new toys will be revealed. Parenting got the exclusive first look at two upcoming toys from the beloved kids show, “Sesame Street.”


“Sesame Street” turned 50 last year, and we got to celebrate with tons of new toys and gifts, so we were super surprised (and delighted) to find out that HASBRO will be releasing two new Sesame Street toys for 2020.


Cookie monster toy


The first is Peekaboo Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster is known for his love of, well, cookies, so it makes sense that Cookie’s favorite treat is part of the fun. When kids squeeze Peekaboo Cookie Monster’s tummy, he raises his arms to hide behind his soft, oversized cookie. This talking Cookie Monster toy also responds with silly sounds, hiccups and phrases such as, “Hey! Me busy eating cookie!” 


Next is everyone’s favorite little red monster, Elmo. Rock and Rhyme Elmo combines music with playtime fun and kids will love strumming and singing along with the toy. What’s more, Rock And Rhyme Elmo sings unique lyrics to songs kids know and love, like “Farmer in the Dell.” For versatile bilingual play, Rock and Rhyme Elmo speaks and sings in Spanish, too: “¡Fue muy divertido tocar la música contigo!”


This talking Elmo doll also responds to nose squeezes with silly honking noises. Kids will adore making music with their beloved cuddly pal from “Sesame Street.” 


Both products will be available at retailers such as Walmart and Amazon starting Aug. 1, and we will certainly keep you updated once they are available for purchase.


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