Grab Your Wallet and Start Shopping These Awesome Deals During Walmart’s Early Access Sale!

by Samantha McIntyre

Grab Your Wallet and Start Shopping These Awesome Deals During Walmart’s Early Access Sale!
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Black Friday comes early for savvy shoppers this year, thanks to Walmart’s Early Access Sale which kicks off today! Now is the perfect time for Santa to start working on his shopping list and take advantage of huge savings on toys and electronics for the kids. Don’t miss out on the best deals during this surprise sales event!


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PBS Kid-Safe Tablet and HDMI Streaming TV Stick


Save over 50% off on this PBS Kid-Safe Tablet and HDMI Streaming TV Stick! This durable device is perfect for providing endless entertainment for your little one with kid-friendly features, including over 23 preloaded educational games and more than 100 video clips, songs and music. The 7-inch tablet also comes with an HDMI streaming stick which streams PBS kids programming 24/7. Recommended for kids ages 2-years and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“Great for a small child! Can be used as a regular tablet or to keep children from wandering around on the internet just stay in “play-time” mode. The streaming stick is also wonderful. My 5-year-old loves it!”

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PAW Patrol 7


No need to worry about keeping your kiddo entertained while on the go thanks to this awesome PAW Patrol 7" Portable DVD Player with Carrying Bag and Headphones. Kids can play movies, music and videos on the compact DVD and CD player, which also features a tilt screen for easy viewing and comes with a handy carry case and headphones to make that long car ride so much smoother! Save over 15% off on this excellent electronic set.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I would recommend this to any parent. My granddaughter loves this! It comes with headphones and a carrying bag so she can take it anywhere. It is rechargeable or you can use it plugged in. It keeps them occupied so you can concentrate on driving or cleaning or whatever needs to be done at the time. It's great for trips or sleepovers.”

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Nintendo Switch Bundle


Got a gamer on your holiday wish list this year? Be sure to take advantage of a great deal on this Nintendo Switch Bundle, which comes with the game console, your choice of Nintendo Switch game (there are five to choose from), and a selection of two bonus accessories. Don't play games and miss out on saving up to 14% during this sale!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I bought the Nintendo Switch Console with Neon Blue & Red Joy-Con for my 12-year-old grandson's birthday about a month ago. He loves video games and describes this system as AWESOME!!!! What more can I say? I am happy that he is happy.”

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KidKraft Penelope Wooden Dollhouse


This incredible KidKraft Penelope Wooden Dollhouse is a dream come true for little doll lovers! The pretty pink playhouse stands almost four feet tall with three floors and comes fully furnished with nine accessories, including a canopy bed, chandelier and a living room and dining set. Your little girl will be delighted, and mom and dad will be even happier thanks to the deal on this incredible dream home!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“Very well made! It is big enough for barbies, so that expands the uses. I have no doubt our little ones will be having lots of fun with this for many years!”

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Huffy Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage


No doubt, your kiddo will feel like royalty riding in this horse-drawn Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage by Huffy! The super cute battery-powered coach comes with two doors that open and close, a cup holder and a glove compartment and plays princess sounds when you press the heart-shaped horn. It also moves forward and reverses to get her to the ball in no time flat! Hurry and save $100 on this sweet ride-on toy before the sale ends!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I bought this for my 4-year-old granddaughter and she likes playing with the horse and combing its mane as much as she does riding in it. It was the perfect price for the perfect gift!! She loves it!”

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EA Sports Two Player Indoor Basketball Arcade Game


Talk about hoop dreams! If you have a huge basketball fan to shop for this season, then be sure to jump at the chance to score major points by snapping up this EA Sports Two Player Indoor Basketball Arcade Game. This awesome sports set comes with an electronic scoreboard and features stadium sounds to cheer on your happy hoop star! Don't miss a shot at taking advantage of this incredible deal!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I love the quality and the price. The assembly was easy and it exceeded my expectations!”