8 Cool Science and Astronomy Toys

by Kelly Ladd Sanchez

8 Cool Science and Astronomy Toys

Put an educational twist on playtime with these fun science and astronomy-themed toys

With iOptron Astroboy telescope ($150;, search for Orion in the night sky—just look for the three stars in a row that make up his belt. 

Read I See the Moon, by Jacqueline Mitton ($7; before your jammy-clad space explorer sets his coordinates for dreamland.

Look for home on the NASA Photo Inflatable Globe ($18;

Take an afternoon of playtime out of this world by building the Astro Rocket display ($28;

As the sun sets, grab blankets and a Blast Off Throw Pillow ($35; and head out to the backyard to stargaze.

Grab Alex’s Space Squirters for the Tub (four for $10; and pretend an alien has invaded bathtime.

Color comets together with star-shaped Multi Color Crayons by Alex (three for $5;

Piece together the solar system with this Across the Universe Puzzle ($14;