The Best Laptop Computers For Kids for At-Home and On-the-Go Learning

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The Best Laptop Computers For Kids for At-Home and On-the-Go Learning
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We found the best laptops for kids for virtual learning.


Kids are more connected than ever these days, especially since virtual learning has become the norm. You may be inclined to have your child use their tablet for school, but logging into a Zoom class or completing assignments is better done on a laptop.


But what are the best laptops for kids? With so many laptop computers on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin. Parents will want to look for a safe laptop for their children, which has parental control capabilities and allows kids the autonomy to complete tasks on their own. The fact of the matter is laptops have become essential learning tools, and now is an excellent time to invest in one.


Whether you’re looking for a computer for your child to complete homework, play games, or everything in between, we found the best laptops for kids that you can buy now. Narrow down the search with these picks for the best laptops for kids and young adults below.


Google Pixelbook, $843.63;

Apple MacBook Air, $999;

HP Chromebook. $269.99;

Dell Chrome Book 2-in-1, $879;

Microsoft Surface, $1029.99;

ASUS Chromebook, $484.99;

Lenovo IdeaPad. $449.99;

VTech Tote & Go, $32.35; amazon



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Google Pixelbook


The Google Pixelbook is a great pick for the student who’s off to college, where they’ll need a computer to finish homework assignments but will also be using it to stream their favorite Netflix shows during downtime. The lightweight design and high-quality display allow for easy portability and sharper images. The 7th Gen Intel Core processor allows for faster browsing and gaming, so once break time is over they can get back to their homework that much quicker.

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Apple MacBook Air


Apple has been making cutting-edge products for years, and the MacBook is no exception. With an Intel Core m3 processor, you will find this computer taking on all of the tasks you need it to handle without sacrificing battery life. The storage and memory for this laptop are also one of the best on the market. The Apple MacBook is an investment for your family computer, but many think it’s well worth it for the superior performance it provides.

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HP Chromebook


If your laptop is going to be used mostly for writing papers, searching the web, and replying to emails, the HP Chromebook is a great option for your family. This ultra-thin laptop is small but mighty with enough system memory to run multiple applications and offline capabilities, so there’s no excuse not to get homework done.

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Dell Chrome Book 2-in-1


If your child is going off to college or needs a laptop that you can feel good about them toting to and from school, the Dell Inspiron is built to last. Undergoing thorough reliability testing, this laptop is durable enough to withstand short-term heat conditions, so you won’t need to worry if your child left it locked in the car temporarily on a hot day. The 1TB hard drive has plenty of space to store movies, photos, games, music, documents, and more, so it should definitely last through all the college (and maybe even high school) years.

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Microsoft Surface


The size of a tablet with the power of a laptop—the Microsoft Surface is the best of both worlds. It comes complete with a touch screen, compact design, and lightweight body that’s convenient for travel and can be easily handled by younger kids. It can also be attached to a keyboard, multiple monitors, full-size mouse, and more, giving you all of the same capabilities as a standard laptop.

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ASUS Chromebook


The ASUS Chromebook is the ultimate laptop for students. With a spill-resistant keyboard, easy-grip design, and drop testing from over 3 feet, the ASUS Chromebook can handle just about anything your child throws at it. Bonus—it has an extended battery life and comes with extra Google Drive storage so your little scholar has even more time and space to complete and save their homework.

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Lenovo IdeaPad


This touch-screen laptop is a powerhouse of a machine. With the capability to run multiple software programs at a time, enough storage for a student’s work, and a touch screen that’s big enough to view videos in comfort, the Lenovo IdeaPad is perfect for a student who works hard but still has fun.

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VTech Tote & Go


If your child is too little for their own laptop but intrigued by the newest tech gadget, this is a good segue into that responsibility. The Tote & Go Laptop from VTech allows kids to learn basic computer skills with 20 games and activities for a variety of skill levels. As kids build up their skills they can partake in the progressive learning levels of the games while building hand/eye coordination with the mouse.