The Best Disney Pool Floats

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The Best Disney Pool Floats
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Summer is almost here and that means it’s time to gear up for some outdoor fun at the beach or pool. Pool floats have made a real splash in recent years and they just seem to be getting more fun and unique with each coming summer. Of course Disney has gotten in on the action and created some amazing pool floats based on their classic movies and characters. Kids and adults will love to spend the day lounging in one of these fabulous Disney pool floats. From The Little Mermaid to Aladdin, these 10 floats are sure to make your summer magical.



The Best Disney Pool Floats:



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Aladdin Magic Carpet Pool Float


Bring the magic to your pool with this awesome pool float inspired by the movie Aladdin. Kids can let their imaginations soar on this magic carpet float. It even comes with Abu to keep you company while you spend the day splashing in the sun.

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Millennium Falcon Inflatable Ride-On


Fight the dark side while playing in the sunshine on this Millennium Falcon inflatable float. At nearly 5 feet wide this float is big enough to hold a mini Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker. It has a handle for easy carrying and the details on this float are truly incredible. Almost like the real thing… almost.

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Oversize Mickey Float


Everyone’s favorite mouse gets the pool treatment with this oversized float that’s big enough to fit several people. Kids can ride on the float or hang off the side, either way it’s great fun and a Disney fan’s dream.

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Princess Ariel Pool Ring


This small float is perfect for your little mermaid to splash around in the pool. The graphics feature Ariel and Flounder and it’s small enough that it can be taken to and from pool parties or even on vacation.

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Frozen Pool Float


It may be snowing in Arendelle but this float was made for the summer fun. It’s perfect for the pool, beach, and water parks and features a large picture of Anna and Elsa on the front. You won’t want to “let it go.”

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Finding Dory Spring Float


Kids can float with Nemo and Dory in this mesh-bottom ring that suspends their lower body in the water while they hold on to the convenient handles. The float also has an inner spring that provides more stability while playing in the pool. It folds flat and comes with a convenient storage bag.

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Mickey Mouse 'Follow the Sun' Inflatable Ring


This vintage inflatable ring is a stylish addition to any pool or to take to the beach. The retro MIckey print will make you nostalgic for summer when you were a kid, so just try not to hog this from your kids too much.

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Sebastian Pool Float


Forget going under the sea, you will want to stay on top in this oversized Sebastian float. It measures 67” x 41” and is a total conversation piece. It features two handles on either side for some ride-on fun. Feel free to relax or let your imagination take you where it may in this truly one-of-a-kind float.

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Flounder Pool Float


Pretend you’re Ariel exploring the seas with your fish BFF on this Flounder float. This pool float is great for parties or entertaining and will really kick your summer up a notch.

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Minnie Mouse Mermaid Inflatable Pool Float


This Minnie Mouse mermaid float is just so cute. It’s 60” in length so it will fit your little bathing beauty no problem. Trying to get her off the float… now that’s another story!