This Collectible Barbie is All Dolled Up Thanks to Fashion Designer and Instagram Influencer Chriselle Lim

by Samantha McIntyre

This Collectible Barbie is All Dolled Up Thanks to Fashion Designer and Instagram Influencer Chriselle Lim
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What a doll! Barbie’s fashion sense has just stepped up a notch thanks to the supreme styling talents of designer and entrepreneur Chriselle Lim. Instagram’s popular, high-profile fashion influencer recently collaborated with Mattel to style two trendsetting Barbie Signature Styled by Chriselle Lim Collector Dolls guaranteed to capture the attention of all Barbie fans. This chic doll collection just launched in stores, but they’re selling fast! Don’t miss out on snapping up this super stylish set for your favorite fashionista! Parenting spoke exclusively with Chriselle to get all of the details on this fantastic partnership.


The one-of-a-kind dolls designed for you and your daughters are amazing! How does it feel to be and have your own signature Barbie doll? 


When Mattel first approached me to be a part of this series, I was speechless.  And the fact that they made my two daughters into Barbies as well meant the world to me. I am so proud to be able to represent so many things through my Barbie. A strong Asian-American who is a mother and career woman.


As well as a one-of-a-kind Barbie, I was also given the honor of helping style two Barbies for the ‘Styled By’ Collection. The only other people who have been able to do a Styled By Barbie have been the amazing Iris Apfel and Marni Senofonte, so being able to be a part of such an inspiring group of women is just incredible. I’m not lying when I say I squealed with excitement.


What made you decide to collaborate on this project with Mattel?


Beyond the career milestone, there’s a larger conversation about representation that I’m so proud to even have a small part of. From the diversity of ethnicities to body types, knowing that this generation of kids are going to be growing up with dolls that look like they do is so heartwarming. Being able to represent my Asian-American heritage and community in such a tangible way is something I’ll be forever grateful for.”


Every Barbie-loving little girl spends hours dressing up her dolls. What was involved in the process of styling the Styled By Chriselle Lim Barbie?


We’ve been in the process of creating the Styled By Chriselle Lim series for a little over a year now.  We had multiple design meetings where we discussed everything from the body shape, hair color & length, to clothing! I was heavily involved in the process and it has made me appreciate and respect everything that goes into the dolls that much more! We looked into every tiny detail from the accessories to the shoes she wore to even her Instagram page that shows up on her phone!


What inspired your style selections and looks for the Styled by Chriselle Lim Barbie Dolls?


For my two Styled By Chriselle Lim dolls, I was inspired by the modern woman. The modern woman does everything; there are no limits for her. She can have an amazing career and family, be a boss at work and at home. She can be strong yet vulnerable, assertive and kind… she has it all figured out but is still learning.


When I was first approached by Mattel, I knew I wanted to create an Asian Barbie, the kind of Barbie I wish I could’ve played with when I was younger. I couldn’t identify myself in the dolls that were out there, and as a kid being able to identify is everything. To feel seen, and to be heard. This Asian Barbie is a total boss babe… she dreams big, is dedicated to her career, but prioritizes her family and kids over anything! I feel the strongest in a matching suit so, I decided to style the Asian Barbie in a pink suit!


The second Barbie is a curvy independent multi-ethnic doll which was inspired by my partner-in-crime Laura, who, like me, didn’t grow up with a Barbie that looked like her. She struggled growing up to identify herself in not only her race but also her body type. We styled her in a wrap dress that emphasized her curves!


It’s important for me to share with my kids that beauty comes in all forms- different skin tone, hair color, to even body type. As I’m now navigating the topic of culture and physical differences with my oldest daughter, being able to show her these two dolls and say, “both of these Barbies look very different. Right? But they are both beautiful.” It’s important for kids to be able to physically see, touch, and play to understand these things!


With two little ones, what kind of influence do you hope Barbie will have on your daughters and all young girls in terms of future goals and inspiration?


Something as small as having a Barbie that you can identify with means so much. Growing up, I wasn’t able to identify with any of the dolls I had to play with. It means so much to me that my girls can feel like they are seen.


When you can identify, you are able to dream of the possibilities. When I saw  Lucy Liu on the big screen, I remember thinking, ‘OMG, she looks like me!’ That allowed me to say, ‘if she can do it, then I can do it too!’ Those words are not only powerful for us as adults but for kids too. I hope that through my Barbies, young girls will be empowered to chase their dreams and to be able to say, “She looks like me! If she can do it then I can do it too.”


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Barbie Signature Styled by Chriselle LIM Collector Doll in Pink Pant Suit with Accessories


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Barbie Signature Styled by Chriselle LIM Collector Doll in Burgundy Trench Dress