This Dyson Vacuum For Kids Is Every Parent’s Dream

by Bethany Braun-Silva

This Dyson Vacuum For Kids Is Every Parent’s Dream

Getting kids to help out around the house can be well….challenging! From clean up songs, to negotiating, to incentives we’ve tried (and we know you have too!) everything under the sun to make cleaning up a part of our child’s playtime routine. Well it’s no longer a challenge (sort of) thanks to the Little Helper Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum Cleaner.


The vacuum is a toy, yes! But a toy that really works! It has working suction that really picks up dirt and dust and has a bin that can easily be emptied into the trash. And since it looks just like the real one, kids will love playing pretend with this awesome gadget! 


Parents love it and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. “Cutest thing! My son showed interest in the vacuum, so I decided to buy him his own. He now goes around the house with this vacuum! It’s the perfect size for him,” one user wrote.


“It does actually collect small items with the suction and is easy to empty. We were able to collect a leaf, some dog hair, and a little piece of plastic,” wrote another.


It’s recommended for kids ages 3-9 and is backordered on several online shops, but Amazon has it for sale right now and at $40 it’s pretty much a dream come true! Here’s to less mess and more fun!