Best LEGO DUPLO Sets for Little Builders

by Samantha McIntyre

Best LEGO DUPLO Sets for Little Builders
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Fifty years ago, the iconic LEGO brand introduced the very first DUPLO set, with a collection of large, bold colored bricks designed to help the toy company expand its reach to tiny builders too young to tackle traditional LEGO models. And it worked!  LEGO DUPLO sets are specifically created for curious little ones between the ages of 2 and 5 to promote a positive building experience while actively sparking creativity, strengthening fine motor skills and improving memory and cognitive development.
















As much as tiny tots love putting the pieces together and taking them apart, LEGO DUPLO sets are equal parts entertaining and educational, encouraging mini builders to use their imaginations to construct colorful creations. Preschoolers develop strong problem-solving skills while learning to piece together the plastic bricks to construct a zoo, cars, houses, trucks, boats and much more.


Luckily, there are a vast number of DUPLO sets available to pique every child’s interest with incredible themes to engage girls and boys for hours. Another bonus? DUPLO sets are also compatible with classic bricks, so your kiddo can continue to build and play with their collections as they grow older.


Parents, it’s also a great idea to hold on to your child’s favorite LEGO sets, not merely because the fun will never get old, but also because LEGO collections quickly sell out and become valuable collectibles. You never know when that cool DUPLO Batman set will be impossible to find! In honor of the LEGOs milestone anniversary, we’ve put together a roundup of fun DUPLO sets that will satisfy and amuse the craftiest little constructors.


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Best Starter Set

LEGO DUPLO My First Large Playground Brick Box


Time to hit the playground, but first you have to build it! Your tiny tyke will love playing around with this colorful DUPLO brick box, which can be configured in several ways to create a whole new playing field. The 71-piece set comes with a working swing, two slides, a bouncy car and two DUPLO figures. Great for quiet time indoors.

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Best Set for Boys

LEGO DUPLO Town Police Station


Keep LEGO town safe and sound by building this LEGO DUPLO Town Police Station. This 38 piece set comes with three LEGO DUPLO figures, including two police officers and a crook. It also includes a buildable police station with a jail cell and a police cruiser with a siren and flashing lights for catching bad guys! Excellent for encouraging role play and stimulating creativity.

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Best Set for Girls

LEGO DUPLO Disney Minnie Mouse's Birthday Party


Who doesn't love a good party? Time to kick off a celebration for Mickey's sweetheart with LEGO DUPLO Minnie's Birthday Party. This 21-piece set features a buildable playhouse for the bash, a birthday cake, and a pink car. Additional accessories include a Minnie Mouse portrait tile, two birthday gift bricks, along with Minnie and Figaro DUPLO figures. Perfect for your little Mouseketeer!

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Best Animal Set

LEGO DUPLO Farm Adventures


What a zoo! Little animal lovers will go wild piecing together this LEGO DUPLO Farm Adventures set. The 104-piece building kit features a buildable farmhouse, barn, picnic bench, slide and a tractor. Additional accessories include three LEGO DUPLO figures, five animal figures, a pitchfork, hay, trough, milk bottle and more. Get ready for feeding time and tons of fun!

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Best Superhero Set

LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures


The Hulk and Spider-Man swing into action to battle the evil Sandman in this LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures set. The 38-piece building kit comes with three LEGO DUPLO figures, including Spider-Man, the Hulk and Sandman, a buildable laboratory for the Hulk and a garage for Spidey's motorcycle. An awesome set for little superheroes who love lots of action.

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Best Disney Set

LEGO DUPLO Princess Belle’s Tea Party


Course by course, one by one. 'Til you shout, enough I'm done!" Give your Disney-loving little one the royal treatment with the entertaining LEGO DUPLO Princess Belle’s Tea Party. This 19-piece set is perfect for Beauty and the Beast fans. The magical playset includes a LEGO DUPLO Belle figure, Mrs. Potts, Chip and Cogsworth along with a buildable castle kitchen fireplace, a table and two chairs. Clearly not your ordinary cup of tea.

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Best Train Set

LEGO DUPLO Town Steam Train


All aboard! This LEGO DUPLO Town Steam Train is leaving the station while entertaining cute conductors for hours with a buildable Push & Go locomotive with working lights. Your little one can place action bricks along the tracks to command the train to sound the horn, turn on the lights or change direction. The 59-piece set also comes with a passenger car, coal tipper, train station, tree and 16 track pieces. Riding the rails couldn't be more fun!

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Best Plane Set

LEGO DUPLO Town Airport


Young imaginations will take flight while playing with this 29-piece LEGO DUPLO Town Airport. Prepare for takeoff with the buildable plane, luggage ramp, boarding gate and air control tower. The set also includes a LEGO DUPLO pilot and two passengers for high-flying good times.

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Best Truck Set

LEGO DUPLO Town Big Construction Site


Your tiny tyke will want to keep on trucking while playing with this LEGO DUPLO Town Big Construction Site. The 67-piece set comes with a bulldozer, dump truck and crane fitted with a rotating cabin, movable arm and working claw. The set also includes plenty of bricks to construct tall towers and buildings, a wheelbarrow, tools and three LEGO DUPLO construction workers wearing safety helmets. Budding builders will have a blast with these bricks!

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Best Boat Set



Sound the alarm for your little firefighter to race to the scene and battle a raging fire! This 19-piece set comes with a buildable LEGO DUPLO Fire Boat, lighthouse, firefighter and rescue dog. Additional accessories include a retractable fire hose and flame. Great for teaching your toddler about fire safety.

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Best Set for Dinosaur Lovers

LEGO DUPLO Jurassic World T-Rex Tower


Dinosaur fans, get ready for a roaring good time with this LEGO DUPLO Jurassic World T-Rex Tower. Little Jurassic fans will love this 22-piece set, which features a LEGO DUPLO Owen Grady figure, a ferocious T-Rex figure with a movable jaw and a Jurassic World lookout tower and car. Additional accessories include a hinged ladder, cell phone and gas can. Tiny tots can use their active imaginations to create endless adventures to save the park from total destruction.

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Best Set for Little Foodies

LEGO DUPLO Town Pizzeria


Looking for a slice of fun? LEGO DUPLO Town Pizzeria is cooking up lots of good times with this colorful set. The 57-piece collection comes with a buildable restaurant and pizza oven, ice cream stand, umbrella, table and chairs. The set also includes three LEGO DUPLO figures, including the restaurant owner and two customers, a delivery bike, three pizzas, two toppings, a cash register and much more. Get ready to work up an appetite while playing with this mouthwatering kit.