This Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk Is a Magical Boredom Buster

by Bethany Braun-Silva

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This Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk Is a Magical Boredom Buster
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We can’t get over how cute this unicorn sidewalk chalk is!


We know that parents are really feeling the strain of scheduling activities for their kids every day. After you’re done facilitating the virtual learning, you’ve got to come up with new ways to play. If you’re looking for ways to get outside while still maintaining social-distancing mandates, why not take the fun to your sidewalk or driveway?


Sidewalk chalk is a classic way for kids to get some fresh air while getting their creative juices flowing. They can even craft messages for their friends and neighbors who they would normally see every day. In fact, sidewalk chalk messages and art have become so popular as of late, that #ChalkYourWalk is trending on social media. From leaving inspiring messages to sketching fun drawings, people across the nation are showing off their chalk skills, and we are seriously impressed! 


To turn your sidewalk chalking adventures up a notch, we found the cutest and most utterly magical sidewalk chalk. The three-piece set from Twee features magical unicorn horns in pastel and gold hues. The chalk changes colors as it gets used, and we can only imagine all the fun kids will have playing with this evolving unicorn horn chalk. We could all use a little magic in their lives these days, after all Shop the set for $16 on Nordstrom now.


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3-Piece Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk Set