6 Travel Toys for Big Kids

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6 Travel Toys for Big Kids

The best portable toys and gear to keep big kids entertained on road trips or airplanes

It’s Flipping Fun

The tiles on Flip to Win Hangman are secured by elastic: no lost pieces in the car! ($12.99; 6 and up

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Pipe Dreams

No room to bring his skateboard to Grandma’s? Take Mattel’s X Games fingerboards. He can practice skater tricks with two fingers, no helmet required.

($4.99; at Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys “R” Us stores) 8 to 12

Snap, Crackle, Crop

Crayola’s Digital Camcorder is worth packing. Besides being an easy-to-use, durable kid movie maker, it comes with cool photo-editing tools. Kids can
turn their best vacation pics into scrapbooks, photo frames, puzzles, and slide shows. ($69.99; 5 and up

Deep Sea, Driving
Haba’s made that popular logic game, Sudoku, into a younger version by using pirate-themed pictures. Pirates’ Junior Sudoku has magnetic pieces that
stick to the tin carry case, so they won’t end up between the seats. ($14; 5 and up

Twist and Shout

Rubik’s Cube 360 is as addictive as the all-time classic brainteaser. The idea is to get the colored balls from the inner sphere into the matching
slots on the outer sphere by twisting and shaking them through holes. It’s bound to keep a kid hooked for a good many miles. ($14.99; 8 and up

Leave it to Weaver

Tween girls hate to be parted from their pals. Have her spend her travel time making bracelets for the buddies she’s missing with the Friendship Wheel. ($17; 8 and up