Ashley Jones Shares Products To Keep You Healthy During Holiday Travel

by Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones Shares Products To Keep You Healthy During Holiday Travel

Holiday travel can be stressful enough with kids in tow, but it can also reek havoc on your skin and health. Actress, Ashley Jones, shared her tips for staying healthy during the holiday season, especially if travel by plane, train or automobile is in the plans. Read on for her fantastic advice!


1. Stay Hydrated. If you follow me, you know I talk about drinking plenty of water as often as possible. Start on the plane or in the car— just don’t forget to keep the water flowing. Type water in the search bar of my site to see plenty motivation to drink up!


2. Wear The Mask. I see more and more people wearing face masks on planes. Order on Amazon and keep them with you. If you’re sitting next to someone on a plane that seems sick, put it on! It’s also great to keep a sickness from spreading like wildfire throughout your own family! Also, if you’re up for it, throw on a hydrating sheet mask from Aloisia Beauty to protect against dry skin!


3. Battle Jet Lag. Try battling any jet lag on a big trip with VitaCup’s Lightning Coffee blend. With nootropic, double caffeine and a vitamin blend, you’re sure to be energized for your big tourist day.


4. Protect Your Throat. For me, the first sign of getting sick starts in my throat. I feel dry. Then, it all goes downhill fast. Traveling seems to bring this on, so I make room for my PRI Manuka honey for prevention and it definitely is a plus if someone gets sick. Let the kids have a teaspoon, add it to your nightly tea… I like to keep the lozenges on hand this time of year. Amazing breath mints;) I’ll just go ahead and say you’re welcome on this one!


5. Maintain Your Vitamin Routine. I love my vitamins, but it is SO easy to ditch them while traveling because I forget to pack all the bottles. GNC’s new GNC4u packaging makes this SO easy with their combo of packets personalized for you for night and day. If you see my stories, I’ve been posting feedback from people loving this convenience and the combo packs. Check out my latest highlights in my stories for more info.


6. Keep It Moving. Wherever you’re headed, pack your tennis shoes and plan in some exercise to keep the body moving. If in Europe, you’ll be walking a lot, if on the beach- make sure you fit in a sunset stroll. And don’t just keep it moving outwardly, make sure you take your probiotics. I travel with probiotic packets to add to my water!


7. Keep It Simple. One of the best tips I’ve ever received about traveling was to simplify it. When taking on the role of a tourist, I love to try and do it all. That usually does not end well, especially with my family. So, pick YOUR HIGHLIGHT. What is the one thing you want to see/accomplish each day. Then, see what else works around that. The easiest way for us to get sick traveling is to overbook, get worn down and not sleep well. So, let’s not do that!!