Awkward Family Vacation Photos

by Alina Soler

Awkward Family Vacation Photos

Cringe-worthy poses, photo ops gone awry and more hilariously awkward vacation memories caught on camera, from


“The Happiest Place on Earth?” Not so much.


She’s not attacking her brother. She’s just shielding his eyes from Dad’s man-kini bottoms (and scary farmer’s tan).


“I don’t think this is the petting zoo.”


Dolly Parton is known for her dangerous curves. This roller coaster is no exception.


These weren’t the kind of stuffed animals the kids had in mind.


What a diva. Mom made them carry her this way the whole trip.


Looks like someone packed their invisibility cloak.


Oddly enough, his fortune cookie told him this would happen.

“Let’s ask these nice youngsters for directions.”

Big bro: “How do you say, ‘I hate family photos’ in Spanish?”

This brood is a barrel of laughs.

Underwater excursions, Star Trek conventions…these matching suits have so many possibilities


It’s all fun and games until Polly thinks your ear is a cracker.

It’s all fun and games until Polly thinks your ear is a cracker.

A potty with one heck of a view.

Good thing he’s wearing socks with those sandals. Seems like they’ve got a while to walk before they reach their destination.

“Trust me, son. Ladies love lederhosen.”

The youngest son: “Forget those boring rocks, look at this awesome swing!”



We really, really hope that’s not a nude beach.


We wish we had some sunglasses right now too.


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