Family Road Trip

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Family Road Trip

Day 1: Savannah, Georgia

We are all ready to go – our clothes are packed and there is still so much room left in these roomy American Tourister ilite suitcases. We were too excited to sleep! We started getting dressed and the kids were up by 5:30. They were so excited about their new Safety 1st car seat and booster seat – they were especially excited about the cup holders which made for a much easier ride for Momma! We had breakfast on the go and the Take and Toss cups were wonderful because Alivia and Jedd Alan were able to have their milk in the spill proof cups with straws. Our first stop was Bass Pro Shops in Savannah, GA! We had a visit with the Easter Bunny, made Easter crafts and viewed the wild life in the store. It’s such a family oriented place. We checked into our hotel in downtown Savannah and the kids took naps before our carriage ride. After the ride the kids got to feed the horses some apples! We had dinner on River Street where Daddy and Jedd Alan enjoyed dancing to the sax and watching the boats go by. Bed time at last.

Day 2: St. Augustine, FL

Oh my… 5:30 again! What is going on with my kids?? We made a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and to fuel our bellies. Alivia licked the pink icing off her doughnut and Jedd Alan’s chocolate doughnut was gone within 3 min! We stopped at St. Augustine Alligator Park for some family fun outside the car. The kids enjoyed looking at all the alligators, crocodiles, monkeys and birds. They got a much needed nap on our way to Bradenton – must have been those Goldbug neck rolls that helped them sleep comfortably. We ran into a thunderstorm and lots of heavy traffic. We stopped at a Marathon gas station and went inside first for a potty break. The kids took their shoes off on the store rug when they entered (like they’ve been taught to do at home)! We got vitamin water and family favorite, beef jerky!!! Then we all went outside to help daddy fill our tank.

Day 3: Bradenton, FL

On the road and on our way to the Pirates Spring training game. When we entered the gate, we were told that we would be throwing out the first pitch. How awesome is that!!! We had our pictures taken with the Pirates players and they signed the kids’ baseballs. All of the players were so nice and playful with the kids. We got to sit in the dugout too! We all got to go to the mound for Jedd’s first pitch. He did so great that they will probably be contacting us soon to draft him! We enjoyed singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame in the 7th inning stretch. Surprisingly we made it through the whole game – the Pirates beat the Astros 13-1! Go Bucs!!! I don’t think Jedd quit smiling the whole day!


Day 4: Orlando, FL

The kids are all dressed in Spider-Man gear and ready for some fun at Universal Orlando Resort! First on the agenda was a character breakfast with Spider-Man and The Cat in the Hat! As soon as we entered the gates, we were in love with Universal Orlando! The theme parks were so neatly crafted, well kept and many areas were geared towards children. At the theme park, we had a private visit with Curious George and, I must say, he is a lot of fun to hang out with! The Curious George play area, Curious George Goes to Town, is one of the coolest spots at the park. I think we could have spent the whole day at this one area! The kids were running through the waterfalls and playing with the water cannons. We also went to the dry area and had a “ball” in the Man in the Big Yellow Hat’s Ball Factory. We decided to get settled at the hotel and ended the day reading The Adventures of Curious George!

Day 5: Orlando, FL

Last day of vacation. This has been such an amazing journey, and I guess all good things must come to an end. We started at our favorite spot…Curious George Goes to Town. Once again the kids had a blast and spent most of the day there! Eventually we went back to our room at Loews Royal Pacific Resort for the kids to nap and later visited the swimming pool. Once we were all water logged it was time to get showered and head to the Wantilan Luau. Everything we put in our mouths was delicious! After the wonderful supper, it was time for the show. The kids didn’t move a muscle! They were so amazed by the hula and fire dancers. Alivia surprised us by going up with the other kids to learn how to hula dance. Jedd Alan is still talking to his dad about how the guy put the fire on his feet and under his back while lying down! Let’s hope he doesn’t try this at home!

Day 6: Marion, SC

Wow! We all slept until 7:30! We got everything packed, loaded, and hit the road by 8. The whole morning when we would say “we’re going home” both of the kids would say “I don’t want to go home!” Alivia actually shed a few tears over having to go home! I guess that indicates what a great time they had! Jedd and I spent the last leg of the trip reminiscing. Our family is so much stronger now thanks to all the laughs, memories and quality time spent together. What an amazing journey we experienced together! Now back to reality and time to put in a load of laundry! As we got settled back in our house everyone got to share their favorite part of the trip. Alivia said, “Dora, I just love Dora!” Jedd Alan said, “The Curious George Water Park and the motorcycles at the stunt show.” Daddy said, “Spending the day at the Pirates game.” Momma said, “The luau, and making all of these fabulous family memories!”