Flying With Kids

by Robert Herguth

Flying With Kids

Getting away for a summer vacation is hard enough  — add a toddler and air travel, and you might start to wonder if it’s really worth it. To make the ride less turbulent for both of you:

Plan where she’ll sit. Experts recommend buying your toddler a ticket and putting her in a car seat (make sure it’s government-approved for air travel). Many airlines  — like United, American, and Southwest  — offer discounts for travelers under 2. You may hold her in your lap if you choose, though.

Board early  — or not. You know what’ll work best for your child: pre-boarding, so she has time to settle in, or letting her run around the gate area until the last moment.

Go for a walk. Ask a crew member when it’d be okay to take your child on a fun trip down the aisle.

Play the quiet game. Teach her about “inside” voices by using big, wacky gestures to communicate.