Cool Kids’ Travel Accessories

by Kate Kurka

Cool Kids’ Travel Accessories
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Time to pack up the family for that long-awaited vacay? Remember to stock up on kid-friendly travel accessories! From luggage that’s easy to spot at baggage claim to electronic accessories to keep them entertained during long car rides, these are the essentials for your family vacation.



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Alex Toys Car Valet


This activity kit attaches to your car’s front seat so your kids can easily access crafts and toys  to stay occupied during long car rides. Bonus: It can be used as a mini desk so they have a place to write, draw, and play. When you get to your destination, simply pack everything back into the zipped pouch and it’s ready for your next adventure.

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Go Vinci Hard-Shell Luggage


If you have quite the little Da Vinci on your hands, let them show off their artwork to the entire world. With the Go Vinci hard-shell luggage your child can put pictures in the translucent slot on the front of the bag—and they’ll be extra excited when they spot their own masterpiece on the luggage carousel. Your child will love how customizable their suitcase is and you’ll love how everything on your packing list fits easily inside.

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Travel Friends Dog Travel Pillow


This travel pillow is not only a functional travel accessory, but is also doubles as a fun toy to keep kids company while traveling. The neck pillow provides support for small necks to keep them comfortable on long car rides or while riding in the stroller. Double-sided fabric (warm fleece on one side and cool summer material on the other) provides comfort for your child year-round.

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Boy and Bot Book


It’s always a good idea to pack a book when traveling. Whether your technology dies, there’s no internet access, or you want the kids to take a break from screen time, having a book on hand can make the time spent waiting in an airport or in a cramped car a little more enjoyable. This sweet story of a human boy and a robot will win the hearts of kids and parents alike.

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Panda Headphones


Siblings seem to find a way to fight about anything. Keep arguments at bay while traveling by providing children with different ways to entertain themselves. If one wants to watch a movie or play a game on the tablet, they can plug into their show or app with these super-cute headphones without disturbing others in close proximity. Trust us—you’ll be thankful for this when your kids aren’t asking “are we there yet” the entire trip.

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Kid-Tough Digital Camera


The Kid-Tough Digital Camera was made specially for your little photographer who isn’t quite ready to graduate to the family camera.  This camera is built to withstand those too-familiar “oops” moments kids have so you don’t have to worry about accidental drops. Not just a toy, this device is a real digital camera that comes with built-in storage, enough for 2,000 pictures!

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Hungry Hungry Hippos


This classic game provides hours of fun while traveling with kids. Up to four players can join in the action, so the entire family can play during a layover or a rainy night in the hotel. To win, simply be the person whose hippo has eaten the most marbles. Play just for fun or make it into a family competition while traveling; for example, you could start a tradition by having the winner choose where to go for dinner that night.

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Monogrammed Luggage Set


This hard-side luggage set is a great option for teens and tweens who dream of traveling the world. Customize your teen’s luggage set by selecting coordinating pieces, including easy-to-transport hard-side checked or carry-on spinner suitcases, a duffel bag, makeup case, roll-up jewelry carrier, and more. Plus, you have the option of really making the set their own by monogramming their initials. From overnight visits to grandma’s house to extended stays at The Happiest Place on Earth, this luggage set will get them through it all.

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Flip to Win Memory Game


This game is a road trip essential. With no pieces to get lost under car seats or forgotten at a hotel, you can bring this Flip to Win Memory Card Game with you on any adventure. Just choose a theme, then slip the card into the game board. Players take turns to find matches, providing hours of fun at home and on the go.

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Doodle Sketch


This pocket-size Doodle Sketch is perfect for any cool kid with places to be. A mini version of the classic toy, the Doodle Sketch is easy to clip on to a backpack or suitcase so they’re never without a place to draw. Even better— you don’t have to worry about them making a mess in the car.

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Travel Blanket and Pillow


A travel blanket and pillow are a must-have for red-eye flights and long car rides with your little one. The blanket’s super-soft fleece material keeps them cozy, and when it’s folded it can be used as a travel pillow. Pack it in your child’s carry-on so it’s always within easy reach.

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Travel Tots Luggage Set


This hard-side luggage is not only cute, but it’s also practical. The suitcase and matching backpack are made from polycarbonate, which is lightweight enough for your child to carry without help, and when they inevitably drag their suitcase through a muddy puddle it’s easy to wipe down. Bonus: The fun owl shape will never have you standing at baggage claim asking, “Who’s luggage is this?”