Best Portable Baby Beds for the Sweetest Sleep Away from Home

by Melissa Willets

Best Portable Baby Beds for the Sweetest Sleep Away from Home
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You just spent muffled hours putting together your baby’s crib. It’s perfect! It’s beautiful! It can’t leave the nursery. So, if you have plans to travel to see Grandma, or visit with a friend for longer than a few hours, you’ll need a portable baby bed. You may also find that stationing extra infant beds around the house — like in your bedroom or the main living space — helps with your daily routine. That way, you can put the baby down every, oh, I don’t know, six hours, so you can fix dinner or get dressed.


There are many portable beds for baby on the market. Depending on what you plan to use the bed for, you can choose from among co-sleepers, if you wish to have your infant lay safely with you in your bed (although, it’s worth noting the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend this practice, but admits it does happen), easy-to-assemble, fold up-bassinets and portable cribs that double as play spaces for your growing child. Read on the find out more about the different kinds of baby travel beds available, and what to consider in making a decision about which one will best suit your needs.



Best Overall:Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play Portable Bassinet


Best Lightweight Crib: BabyBjorn Travel Crib


Best Folding Portable Baby Bed: Chicco Lullago


Best Portable Baby Bed For Air Travel: Brica Fold 'N Go Travel Bassinet


Best Backpack Portable Baby Bed: Lotus Travel Crib By Guava Family


Best Co-Sleeper: Mumbelli Womb-Like Adjustable Infant Bed





What Are the Types of Portable Beds for Baby?

        • Bassinets

          Made for an infant, this is a smaller bed that is supported by legs and  about bed-height, making reaching in and comforting or picking up a new baby easy at any time of day or night. You can use a bassinet from birth. It’s great for small spaces, like next to your bed at home, or in a hotel. Just keep in mind that a baby will outgrow a bassinet at around the age of 6 months (or older, depending on when he sits up), because the sides of this type of infant bed aren’t that high. Still, a lot of parents prefer to start with a bassinet versus a crib, because it features the ideal size and design for an infant.


        • Cribs

          A travel crib is larger than a bassinet. Usually a child can sleep safely in a travel bed like this from birth through toddlerhood. Many of the popular baby cribs sit on the floor and have higher, mesh sides, so it can be difficult to bend over and pick up a newborn. But, flash forward a few months, and a baby that is sitting up, crawling or even walking will have a hard time pulling a Houdini and escaping. Travel cribs can also be used as play yards, a space where a baby can safely play while a parent socializes, does household chores, or, gasp, goes to the bathroom on their own!

        • Co-sleepers

          This type of portable infant bed will sit on your bed or right next to it, placed inside a bassinet or crib, enabling you to sleep side-by-side with your child. Like a bassinet, a co-sleeper is only safe for a younger baby, and you should stop using it once baby can roll over.


What to Consider


The main thing to look for in a baby travel bed is safety. The bed material should be breathable, with a firm mattress that has no gaps between the mattress and the sides of the bed. Also, an infant travel bed should be easy to set up, so you can place your sleepy little one down for a snooze hassle-free, especially since he could be tired from traveling. It won’t hurt if the bed is lightweight and comes with a carrying case, especially if you’re flying with it.


To narrow down your options, think about what you’ll use the bed for, be it at home or at a grandparent’s house. Will it stay in one place or make the rounds? Finally, budget will determine which baby travel bed you ultimately decide upon, as well as how long you want it to last. Remember, a co-sleeper or bassinet is only safe for an infant. A travel crib will carry your child into toddlerhood but may feel a bit big or overwhelming for a newborn.


These are parents’ favorite travel baby beds on the market now:


Image Credits: Buy Buy Baby

Best Overall

Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet


When I was looking to buy a fold-up bassinet for my baby, I couldn’t read enough good reviews about this product. The bassinet folds flat, so it’s easy to transport, and when set up, features the ability to rock baby gently to sleep. Some parents say this is the only bassinet their baby will sleep in. It has a removable mattress sheet and mesh sides for safety. The downside? It doesn’t come with a carrying case, so this is best used if you are going to set it up at home or at a relative’s house, not for air travel.

Up to 25 lbs.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Great size, easily portable, love how thin it is when folded. My daughter used for about four months.

I have two of these for my twins. One was a gift and after putting it together I immediately bought another one. Very sturdy and compact! Great price and great height. I can see them from my bed! Love them.

Purchased this bassinet to use in master bedroom. Master bedroom is too small to fit our bed along with a full-sized crib. This was very easy to assemble and very light weight so can pick up and move anywhere- upstairs or downstairs easily- bc foldable legs.

Image Credits: Amazon

Best Lightweight Crib

BabyBjorn Travel Crib


This is a highly rated travel crib parents are, well, kind of obsessed with. It’s 11 pounds in weight, so you can carry it on an airplane, especially given that it comes with a briefcase-style carrying case. It’s JPMA Certified for safety, with full mesh siding, and machine-washable fabric. It’s easy to set up and boasts sturdy construction, making the BabyBjorn Travel Crib a winner. It’s worth noting a lot of parents look at this crib, and the Lotus Travel Crib by Guava Family, which is reviewed below.

For babies ages 0 - 3 (or until your child can climb out)

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We've had the Baby Bjorn travel crib for two years now and I still love it and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!

If you're researching different travel cribs or pack-n-plays, just stop now and buy this one. We looked at them all, and this is just far superior. Worth the cost. Lightweight, great travel case (size of a large briefcase), easy to set up and break down, thicker mattress than most, shape that doesn't encourage baby to climb the walls, and finally -- the most important -- it is made entirely of mesh, so the risk of suffocation during sleeping is much reduced.

Image Credits: Amazon

Best Folding Portable Baby Bed

Chicco Lullago


This bassinet features portable, snap-on legs and a collapsible sleep space for baby. Take it on the go with its accompanying travel bag. The Chicco Lullago has mesh sides for breathability and an unzippable mattress pad you can throw in the washing machine. The only possible con to this portable bassinet is that is weighs almost 18 pounds, but if you are traveling by car, it’s a great product.

From birth to 20 lbs.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Awesome. Just what I was expecting. It snaps together in under a minute and is very sturdy. We travel a lot, so I wanted something that would travel well but also that would work for an everyday bedside bassinet. This does the trick.

I purchased this travel crib primarily to use as a bedside bassinet for my newborn's first few months. It's the easiest thing I've unpackaged and assembled in ages...took less than a minute. We do plan to use it for travel as well, which I think will be a breeze with the simple breakdown and assembly. The product is also pretty sturdy for a temporary/travel crib too.

Image Credits: Target

Best Portable Baby Bed for Air Travel

Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet


You can’t beat this lightweight travel bassinet for portability, since it weighs only 2.45 pounds. The Brica, which is supported by a steel frame, rests on the floor (should not be placed on a table, bed or sofa), and doesn’t feature any legs, so know that. But it has mesh siding, folds up with the push of a button, and can easily be carried via an attached handle. Mattress included.

Up to 15 lbs.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This was the perfect travel bassinet. Lightweight easy to use, and actually quite spacious for a newborn.

This bassinet is perfect to take with you when traveling. The baby is safe and secure with the tall wall around and won't roll out. We love it!

I bought this when I forgot my full size travel crib on a two week trip, and it turned out to be so much more convenient than the original product I intended to use. Our 3 month old fit comfortably in it and slept really well.

Image Credits: Amazon

Best Backpack Portable Baby Bed

Lotus Travel Crib by Guava Family


Parents are in love with this baby-safe certified travel crib that doubles as a play yard. Reviewers rave that it’s super-easy and quick to set up, breathable, tested for chemical emissions so it’s Greenguard certified, includes a bag with backpack straps and a mattress, and is relatively lightweight at 11 pounds. It’s worth noting that some parents say the zipper that closes the side of the crib is loud and may wake your baby. But other than that, the Lotus is totally scoring with parents looking for a reliable, easy-to-carry travel crib.

For babies ages 0 - 3 (or until your child can climb out)

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It is very portable. When folded up in the backpack bag, it's very easy to carry around or throw in an overhead bin.

So many of the regular cribs are ridiculously heavy and bulky and are not comfortable. I am so happy I came across the Guava Lotus when I was researching mobile cribs. We can take it on the plane when we travel as a carry on which saves us money. Also since it sits on the ground, the age of use goes higher. I can easily use this crib till my boy is three. He can still use it afterwards for fun.

I can't recommend this bed enough!! We bought it a few years ago when our son was a few months old. We wanted a bed that was easy to fold, easy to travel with, and one that our son could continue to use comfortably as he grew. We opted for the Lotus Travel Crib because it had all those characteristics as well as the open, mesh sidings (which some other travel beds lack). The bed has been incredible throughout my son's baby and toddler years.

Image Credits: Amazon

Best Co-Sleeper

Mumbelli Womb-Like Adjustable Infant Bed


Just over 2 pounds to carry, this soft, breathable, washable co-sleeper rolls up into a carrying case you can tote with you anywhere. Designed to mimic the snug, comfiness of mama’s womb, the Mumbelli features a removable anti-reflux wedge and a no-slip bottom so it’s safe to place on a sofa or bed, supervised. It’s recommended that you place the product in a crib or bassinet beside your bed while you sleep, versus having it bed with you for the safest possible sleeping experience. It’s worth pointing out the Mumbelli is smartly priced versus some of the more expensive co-sleepers out there.

From birth until babies begin to roll or turn over

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Our son loves the mumbelli! He is always so content in it, & I love how it has been able to grow with him. The reflux wedge is great! We used it for when our son had a little head cold which helped.

My daughter fidgets a lot in her sleep usually due to gas so the alternative is usually holding her or switching her from swing to bouncer to crib/bassinet. This is an in between she is snug and seems to nap a lot better. I do not sleep with her in the bed but it is nice to know if I do drift off she is safe and snug inside of this.