Mom Confessions: Family Vacations

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Mom Confessions: Family Vacations

Ah, summer getaways. Finally, you can relax, beachcomb with your child,  — and count the days till you all head home? You read that right! Of course, you still love family breaks, you say, but here’s what else hundreds of you really think about them:

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The 3 best things about vacation
1. My husband spends more time with our kids than usual.
2. No work!
3. No cleaning!

No pain, no gain

65% of you think being on vacation is harder than being at home


70% of you have way more fun on vacation with your kids than without them

* * *

Look Ma  — no rules
65% of you let your kids stay up late or skip naps while on vacation. Hey, relaxing applies to rules too, right?

Pick your poison
Would you prefer a three-hour flight with your kids or a six-hour car trip with them?
42% Flight
33% Car trip
25% Just shoot me now

* * *

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Your dream family getaway
1. The beach or a lake
2. With Mickey at Disney World
3. Taking in the sights of Europe

Gimme a break
The top ways you’d spend free time (if you get any!):
42% Chill by the pool or beach
19% Get a relaxing spa treatment
16% Catch up on much-needed sleep!

* * *

Sleepless in Seattle, or anywhere
80% of you say you get more sleep at home than on vacation

Mom’s the social director
64% of you say you’re the one who takes charge of planning family vacations

It’s getting hot in here…
Did you and your husband make love on your last family trip?
46% “Yeah!”
54% “Did we do what?”

* * *

All aboard!
Who do you prefer to vacation with?
40% Just the family
32% Another family
20% My parents
8% My in-laws

A little help?
50% of you would hire a sitter to come along if money was no object
62% of you take turns with your husband caring for the kids so you each get alone time

So long, boss
65% of you say you and your husband leave work at work. Good job!

* * *

Home sweet home
After a vacation, only 12% of you say you feel relaxed. The rest of you feel…
45% Happy to be back home
35% Exhausted
8% Overwhelmed