Plan Small for a Mini Vacation

by Chris Dworin

Plan Small for a Mini Vacation

A little prep with these mini vacation tips can make your trip a huge success

If you're planning a short, weekend vacation with the kids this year, planning ahead can make all the difference between a fun, relaxed trip and a harried, stressful one. Here are some mini vacation tips to consider when planning your next trip:

1. Don't overdo it. 

Don't plan to visit too many places or do too many things. You only have a few days to enjoy your time away, so it is better to focus on one or two great activities or sights each day.

2. Location, location, location. 

Pick a hotel that is close to your activities. Your time is precious, so don't waste it fuming in traffic. You want to stay somewhere that is close to your sights and offers conveniences.

3. Focus, focus. 

Plan each day around the must-see things and branch out from there to maximize the great things you can do with a short walk or drive from your main planned activity. Plan ahead to see what's in the area you'll be visiting: shops, restaurants, etc. Don't know where to go? Travel websites, such as Trekkel, can help plan your vacations in just 60 seconds.

4. Don't forget to relax. 

Leave time for a siesta or down-time in between activities. Whether it's going back to the hotel, hanging out at a café or sitting in a park, make sure everything you do is fun and relaxed rather than coming home exhausted with a high "count" of things you did.

Chris Dworin is the creator of Trekkel, the first, free travel planner to list city's sights, restaurants, hotels and shops with personalized star ratings.

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