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3 Apps That Spice Up Your Love Life

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Kahnoodle, Free

What it is: Perfect for anyone addicted to Words With Friends, Kahnoodle combines romantic gestures with gaming elements.

Best Feature: The app reminds you to do something sweet when too much time has elapsed (and your partner's “love tank” is running low), and shows a comparison of how you stack up against your mate.

What Parents Say: “My husband and I are both athletes, so this got our competitive and romantic juices flowing. Neither one of us wants the other to ‘win,’ so we keep making sure to fill each other's love tanks. Of course, in the end, we both win!”

—Liz P.

Kindu, $2

What it is: Developed by a group of medical students, this is a great app for anyone who wants to broach the subject of trying something new in the bedroom but isn't sure how to take the first step.

Best Feature: You and your partner are able to discreetly answer a series of steamy questions, covering everything from different positions to toys, and more. You're alerted if you both respond “definitely” or “maybe” to the same question.

What Parents Say: “This app is great. It started some fun (and funny) conversations with my wife. Now I know we're both up for getting frisky in a gondola!”

—Ben L.

Avocado, Free

What it is: A fun way to send private notes that can be customized to include your own secret code (e.g., “Miss you, Whiskers, maybe we can roll around later?”). Avocado also lets you share lists and calendars.

Best Feature: You can create a relationship archive so you can look back at your best moments (especially good when you're having one of your not-best moments).

What Parents Say:  “I love having a unique way to keep in touch, and sharing calendars and lists helps us always keep our relationship on the same page.”

—Ashley R.