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If found guilty, mom could face 6 months in jail with 3 years of probation. ... more
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"When you learn 1 in every 160 births ends in stillbirth; it's not as rare as you think it is," dad says. ... more
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A newborn girl was buried alive under pieces of concrete near a walking path. ... more
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Several people had contacted the Kansas Department for Children and Families with concerns about the children. ... more
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No, I'm not a "bah humbug" type trying to take the joy out of Christmas. It's actually my favorite holiday! I just have a bunch of reasons why pulling off this whole "Santa Claus is real" farce every year is... more
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Stars are just like us! From trimming the tree at home to stuffing their faces with indulgent meals, here are the ways celebrity parents celebrate the season with their loved ones. ... more
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