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More transgender kids than ever are finding the courage to get help for what has long been a private struggle. ... more
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An awareness campaign for the 5-year-old's rare medical condition has also raised awareness of her name, which has sparked vicious tormenting. ... more
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OK parents, it's time to put down your phone and pick up your kid because children feel unimportant when you use your cell phones too much, a study says. ... more
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Mom defends herself and her son after critics attack his joyous dancing in New York's Gay Pride Parade ... more
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"Swim lessons are recommended as soon as a child can sit up on their own....It only increases their comfort and their awareness," says Olympic gold medalist Jessica Hardy. ... more
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Singer-songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins will give birth to her second child this month at age 50. ... more
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"She's very focused on foot placement and getting to the top," mom says about her adventurous toddler. ... more
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Teen was unable to hold down water and went to the hospital with intense stomach pain ... more
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Mom ran out of gas on back road and had no cell phone reception ... more
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A Massachusetts high court ruled that reasonably spanking children is a parent's right. ... more
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Starting in 2016, a woman giving birth in the state will have the right to take her placenta home with her. ... more
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Decades of data show that children of same-sex marriage don't differ from those of straight couples. ... more
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